So, you’re considering managing your own Super Fund…

We’re glad you’ve found us.

Managing your own fund has plenty of advantages, which most people aren’t aware of.  It looks like you’re considering this option, which is great!  Taking control of your superannuation will not only save you money, it will place you in a position to have absolute control over how your funds are invested and steer you toward the real possibility of higher returns, resulting in a larger retirement nest egg.

As the name “self managed” implies – you will be responsible for managing and are accountable for complying with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

However, establishing a fund doesn’t have to be difficult or frightening. This is where we can help…

Making sense of self managed superannuation funds

We understand that self-managing your superannuation fund can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming experience. However, we believe everyone has the ability to confidently manage his or her own superannuation fund with great success.

Utilising our 10 years of expertise, we can help you create your own fund, provide technical support and manage the ongoing requirements that come with it.

We’ll make it easier for you to manage your fund, so you can reap its long-term benefits and feel secure that your fund is being properly looked after.

With our help you will be left with more time to feel free to enjoy life with less worry and prepare for a leisurely retirement.

Mentor and Support

It’s also important to be educated about Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). We aim to equip you with the appropriate knowledge, so you fully understand the environment your fund is operating in.  This will make you more aware of your legal requirements, enabling you to feel fully confident and informed.

We’ll ensure we work closely with your personal advisors to best enable us to understand your situation and your personal strategy. If you don’t have professional advisors, we’ll make sure you are connected.

What sets us apart from the competition

  • Our service is personalised.
  • You have your own Super Fund Manager.
  • Our team is made up of qualified experts.
  • Our service is transparent and we work with a fixed fee service menu.
  • Our services are efficient.
  • We do not apply limitations on assets; we deal with any asset type compliant with SIS legislation.
  • We are not affiliated with any financial institution.
  • We are a NKH Knight company, connecting you to NKH Business Advisors and Accountants and Knight Financial Advisors,